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The Trainer's Gym: Made by Trainers, for Trainers

About Us

The Trainer's Gym is designed to be the ultimate outlet for a personal trainer's creativity! That means they have full flexibility on how to train, so they can tailor something truly unique to you. There is no need for them to worry about sales quotas, required packages, hostile sales approaches, or the "the company's workout style" - just the training they love to do! Happy trainers make successful clients - so come see The Trainer's Gym difference!

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Training Expertise

We hold the personal trainers at our gym to some of the highest standards in the nation. All are nationally accredited, certified, personal trainers. No "weekend courses" here! All are experienced in the fitness industry, masters in progression and modification models, and passionate about your success. You will get results here - not injuries.


Your Success is Our Goal

We tailor your personal training program to you. There is no "plug and play" training program here - our trainers evaluate you and train you. Weight loss, endurance, strength, speed, agility, intervals, sport-specific, toning, balance, core-focus, performance/competition, nutrition - we do it all! Come with a goal in mind, or let our trainers design it for you.



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