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The Trainer's Gym: Made by Trainers, for Trainers

About Us

The Trainer's Gym is an Independent Trainer facility. Each of our trainers are experienced, educated, passionate professionals that have dedicated their careers to helping better live healthier lives. There is no need for them to worry about sales quotas, required packages/rates, hostile sales approaches, or the "the company's workout style". Instead their focus can be poured into their clients, and delivering the type of training they love to do! Happy trainers make fitness their careers, and career-oriented trainers make clients more successful. Be prepared to be greeted with a smile each time you walk through the door, and never hassled to by rude members or employees. But, the only way to know what we're talking about is to come in for a free orientation

What we do

The Trainer's Gym is designed to be the ultimate outlet for a personal trainer's talents! That means they have full flexibility on how to train, access to open space and tons of equipment - so they can tailor something truly unique to you. We tailor your personal training program to your needs by meeting with you for a free Orientation Session. There is no "plug and play" training program here - our trainers evaluate you and train you. Weight loss, strength, conditioning, speed, agility, intervals, sport-specific, toning, balance, core-focus, performance/competition, and nutrition - we do it all! Come with a goal in mind, or let our trainers design it for you. First, sign up for a free Orientation Session or Intro Class - then, when you find a trainer you love, continue with single sessions, a package, or a membership! You're trainer will discuss their rates and packages at the end of your session. And if you decide its not for for, no worries! We don't hassle, and we do take "no" for an answer.

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Personal & Small Group Training

We hold the personal trainers at our gym to some of the highest standards in the nation. All are nationally accredited, certified, personal trainers. Experienced in the fitness industry, masters in progression and modification models. We offer:

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training

  • Small groups (2-4 people) Training

  • General Fitness, Weight Loss, Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance, Corrective Exercise & Self-Defense

  • Schedule a FREE orientation session to try a trainer

  • After that, continue on with single or package sessions!

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Fitness Classes

We have a variety of classes taught by some of the best group exercise instructors in the biz! We offer a full array of fitness classes, such as:

  • Bootcamp

  • HIIT & Metabolic Conditioning

  • Strength & Conditioning

  • Youth Training

  • Martial Arts & Self Defense

  • Sports Specific Training

Try an individual class, then decide if you want to "drop-in" at individual classes, or sign up for a membership to access all the classes we offer!

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Mark A.

This is a great facility with excellent trainers - a number of whom I've worked with over the past four years! It's a motivating environment with all the technical equipment needed to drive you towards your fitness / strength goals!!

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Monica T.

I've done small group training here and have had a great experience. The trainers are very knowledgeable and encouraging. They care about your goals, progress and most importantly your form with each movement to prevent injury. I highly recommend if you are looking for a positive environment and results!

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Jewel G.

Facility is clean frequently and well maintained. There’s a turf field for drills and racks for weightlifting. The space is very versatile and big enough for multiple small/private training sessions. Trainers are great, even the ones who have subbed for my usual trainer, Mark. They really care about who trains in their facility


Take a Peek into the Gym!

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