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Arnold Schwarzenegger's EXACT Chest & Back Routine he Uses to Build Strength at 73

Check out this Article & Video by Men's Health by clicking the photo below!

"I am not training to win Mr. Olympia. I am training to stay as lean as possible."

These days, he writes, he trains 6 days a week, focusing on chest and back one day; then biceps, triceps, and shoulders; and finally legs. Then he repeats the sequence. A typical chest and back day, he says, would include five sets of the following exercises:

  • Machine Bench Press x 20 reps

  • Lat pull down x 20

  • Machine flys x 20

  • Rows x 20

  • Incline bench x 20

  • Pullover x 20

"I am not training to win Mr. Olympia, I am training to stay as lean as possible, so I go through those exercises as a circuit with almost no rest," he says. Schwarzenegger added that if your goal is to build more muscle, do fewer reps and instead of a circuit, do the exercises as a superset. "Finish the 5 sets of bench and the pull down and then move on to the next two exercises."

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