Compression Rehab Membership


Compression is an essential part of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. It keeps fluid and built up metabolites moving through your system, helping alleviate soreness. Build up is greatest at the legs - our largest muscle group, which bears all of our weight and constantly fights against gravity. So, try out these Leg Compression sleeves by Therabody - the makers of the original Theragun! Whether you're looking for a gentle massage-like compression to relax, or a high level sports performance compression for recovery, we've got you covered. Book an appointment, come in, kick back, watch TV (or not) and relax - you've earned it!

  • Compression Therapy

    Every month
    Membership for unlimited use of our Therabody Compression
    • Unlimited compression sessions
    • Full control of your therapy
    • TV with Streaming Services
    • Stay for back-to-back sessions, if available
    • Private area

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