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Compression Therapy

  • Compression Therapy

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    • Unlimited compression sessions
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    • TV with Streaming Services
    • Stay for back-to-back sessions, if available
    • Private area
    • No contracts; month-to-month
  • Try out this amazing rehab service: Therabody Leg Compression Sleeves

    15 US dollars

Compression is an essential part of musculoskeletal rehabilitation. It keeps fluid and built up metabolites moving through your system, helping alleviate soreness. Build up is greatest at the legs - our largest muscle group, which bears all of our weight and constantly fights against gravity. So, try out these Leg Compression sleeves by Therabody - the makers of the original Theragun! Whether you're looking for a gentle massage-like compression to relax, or a high level sports performance compression for recovery, we've got you covered. Book an appointment, come in, kick back, watch TV (or not) and relax - you've earned it!

Rehab/Education: Headliner
Rehab/Education: Team Members

Our Chiropractic Partner

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Rehab/Education: Headliner
Rehab/Education: Team Members
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Dr. Demetris Elia


As an athlete, Dr. D competed at an international level and was the national record holder for his country, Cyprus, on multiple occasions at the field event of hammer throwing. While competing at the D1 level in the USA, he graduated with a BS in Exercise Science and later completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He is always striving to improve his knowledge and understanding of how the human body works and uses that knowledge to improve his patient's lives. This led him to continue his education in Functional Neurology, Functional Immunology, and Functional Medicine. He is now the owner of the mobile practice, PEAKiropractic, providing Precise, Effective, Alternative, Kiropractic to the DFW area.

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